Huangpu River

Sometimes, even when the path seems crystal clear, it becomes clouded over or muddied and difficult to navigate through. This morning I knew exactly why we were here and what we were doing here. A mere eighteen hours later, I find myself struggling with a range of emotions, while I wait for the laundry to finish drying. Apparently, I am experiencing phases one through three of “Culture Shock.” Blech. Guess what else is blech?

Huangpu River, Shanghai

The Huangpu River or “Yellow Bank River” divides the city of Shanghai into two regions: east (Pudong) and west (Puxi). According to, Shanghai gets its drinking water from the Huangpu. I’m a bit concerned about that. It’s highly polluted with garbage, human waste and who knows what else. It definitely tops the brown water from the tap in Los Angeles. Most of the foreigners here pay for bottled water service.

Back to our China journey…I truly believe that we are blessed to live here and have these experiences. There is much to be accomplished during our temporary stay in Shanghai. The Hubs and I were discussing this yesterday. The other stuff will sort itself out. Or be filtered out. Unlike the dirty Huangpu River.

One thought on “Huangpu River

  1. I think of you guys often and love reading this blog. I love seeing what you and the kids are up to and am so glad that they are adapting so well. The Kid looks awesome in his new school clothes, so handsome! I know that you guys will be blessed in all you do and you will grow to treasure your experiences in Shanghai. I am so glad you got into your apartment because now maybe you can feel more settled. I can’t wait to see pics! As I type this, I can hardly believe that it is the middle of the night there and you guys are sleeping peacefully…..crazy stuff! Hope you guys have a great week, talk to you soon!

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