Playing Frogger

Crossing any street in China is potentially hazardous to your health. Apparently, the pedestrian light works more as a courtesy light. Unlike America, pedestrians have no “right of way.” While crossing the street, you have to look forward for the cars turning right towards you. But you also need to look behind you to spot the cars making their left turn towards you. Chinese people must have additional eyes in the back of their heads.

Front and back

Unusual sight. The taxi actually slowed down.

During our first week in Shanghai, a car came from behind at full speed and nearly hit me. (I’m going to hear it from my parents.) Fear not, I’ve since learned to look forwards and backwards while walking. How’s that for multitasking?

Almost Game Over.

The pedestrian light is just for decor.

Even school cross walks with crossing guards are not exempt from the ruthlessness of drivers. The other day as we crossed in front of the school with a large group of students, a motorcyclist came flying by at full speed, cutting through the crosswalk, past the crossing guards who had halted all traffic.

It’s a game of real-life Frogger. But you can’t afford to lose. Ribbit.

3 thoughts on “Playing Frogger

  1. Since I can never figure out what day it is where you are I am starting right now–
    “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” I wish we could do a birthday lunch together and talk about our favorite artists and BBC productions and books. I am missing you like crazy!

  2. Think of how great your kids will be a contact sports after learning to dodge moving vehicles. I am envisioning a boy that can see every player coming towards him on the lacrosse field. He will miss nothing!! What a great parent you are to give you child this opportunity.

  3. Chinese has saying “M? lù rú h? k?u”, Please be careful and also watch out those motocyles, they comes to the sidewalk fast and behind you. Last May when I visited Taipei, Ond day I walked on the sidewalk, almost hit by an electrical motocycle, he came so quick and so quiet, I guess new electrical motocye does not make noise like the gasoline kind. those driver never going to change. so we have to change our self, make sure look fowards, backwards and listen from all around you. May God protect all of you. <3

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