The House That Yanlord Built

Twenty years ago, Pudong was miles of green farmland. Today it is home to Shanghai’s financial district Lujiazui with towering skyscrapers and high rises. It also has foreign housing complexes and compounds galore. Last week we moved from the service hotel in Lujiazui to Yanlord Town Apartments in Jinqiao District, Pudong.

A new room with a view.

High rise apartments, as far as the eye can see.

We also have a view of Century Park, a Chinese equivalent of Central Park. Almost.

Heaven and earth

Most of the apartments come “furnished.” It’s actually more difficult to have a landlord remove their furnishings. Like this beautiful, ornate dining table and chairs, complete with lazy susan. I love the square mirror behind it, representing the ancient Chinese symbols of Heaven (circle) and Earth (square). But I’ve already asked for the other rectangular table sitting in the warehouse. Sorry, Mom.

Master bedroom

Try to ignore the black upholstered bed and window coverings. I’m making a trip to the fabric market next week. We did splurge on new mattresses from Ikea.


Think doing laundry is a pain? Try doing it in 0 degrees C. Most of the apartments have outside laundry facilities. Our landlord was kind enough to have glass panes installed to shield out some of the cold. But there’s no heat.

Glass panes and caulking separate me and 0 degrees.

3-burner stove kitchen

Our driver said our kitchen is considered extremely large by Shanghai standards. He couldn’t fathom that it’s only one-sixth the size of our Herriman kitchen. Well, it may be smaller, but my kitchen is always ready to cook for you.

There are a few more bedrooms, bathrooms and a living room. But I’ll save that for another day.

7 thoughts on “The House That Yanlord Built

  1. Your view looks amazing! I am not sure what time it is over there but I assume it is tomorrow(26th) there which means HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. I wanted to send you some chocolate but didn’t have your address. And I knew you were in the process of moving to your new place. I need to get that from you. I hope you have a great day and that Matt spoils you rotten. I love hearing about your grand adventures! How fun!

  2. Happy Birthday to you. I wish I could be there celebrating your birthday with you. No roses but chocolate will be on its way as soon as we have your address. BTW, I enjoyed that picture of your new home’s window view especially with little circus looking down.
    With love from Orem…

  3. OMG I love your apartment! It’s so cute! And really modern too, which conflicts with some of the older stereotypes of China still being about rice patties and cows on the street (wait, maybe that’s India).

    It’s funny that all laundry facilities are outside in Asian countries it seems. I know that Katy’s washer and dryer sits outside too just like yours in her Taipei apartment.

  4. Your apartment is beautiful and a lot bigger than I had imagined. Love the picture of the girls looking down on the view. The view from your windows is amazing! Love hearing about your adventures. Love to all!

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