Concordia Chinese New Year Program

In our household, two schools means double the fun. Yesterday, Miss M’s school celebrated my birthday…I mean, Chinese New Year. It was every bit as wonderful as the Dulwich programme. But the lion and dragon dancers were student volunteers who rehearsed for a month. As a parent, I greatly appreciated their performance, more so, because of their hard work.

Professional acrobats. Don't try this at home.

Students perform a Lion Dance

Students perform a Dragon Dance

Chinese Teachers in Tibetan dress

China dolls

Tonight, I looked out of our window and watched fireworks exploding in the sky. It has occurred all week long. All birthday joking aside, Chinese people are serious about their New Year celebrations. Just wait until you hear the firecrackers…

5 thoughts on “Concordia Chinese New Year Program

  1. It is great that your family has this opportunities to celebrate Chinese New Year at Shanghai China. I love the China dolls photo, miss you all. xoxo :)

  2. I love China dolls. Aren’t they cute? I am counting how many China dolls in the family. Seven, from 3 generations, I definitely counted 7 China dolls so far. Lucky me…

  3. How fun to be able to be there for Chinese New Year. Maybe we’ll have to keep that in mind when we are deciding when to visit. Although, the cold temps don’t sound very fun. Love Miss M’s dress. She looks like she is loving the Shanghai experience.

  4. I just read an article in the Parade magazine about Chinese New Year, how awesome that you get to enjoy it all in person. It sounds like quite a celebration!

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