Chinese “Fog”

I never thought I say this, but…
Dear Salt Lake City,
I miss your kind of cold (nice and dry)… I even miss your kind of inversion. At least people are willing to follow burn codes to reduce air pollution. And at least it clears up after a storm.
Some days in Shanghai, it looks like this:

Is that Pudong in the smog?

Our driver calls it “fog” but this smog is just blech. Air pollution is a problem in China. Many people mentioned that the air quality was better during the World Expo when the amount of traffic was regulated. Even so, it seems that public transportation is commonly used here. The metro cars and buses are crowded. Frankly, I don’t know a good solution to this problem. There are twenty million people living in this city.

Hold on…between the smog and the clouds of cigarette smoke surrounding us tonight at dinner, I need to get an inhaler… cough, cough…Ok, I’m back. Smog aside, today was a busy day. The Hubs’ boss is in town and was gracious enough to spend time with us. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow of the Pearl Market.

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