Pearl Market

Pearl Market, Puxi, Shanghai.

Driving around Shanghai, you may come across high-end retail stores like Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Louis Vuitton and more. But for the more adventurous or perhaps budget conscious shoppers, the specialty markets are just as enticing and include a vast array of products such as electronics, “fake” knock offs, fabric and jewelry. Yesterday, The Circus headed to Puxi, on the hunt for pearls.

Multistory buildings housed shops full of pearls and stones. The shopkeepers offered their wares, each trying to outsell their competitor in the next stall, luring you in to their shop with “the best price.” Hours of haggling ensued. It’s part of the charm or obnoxiousness (depending on your mood) of the specialty markets. 180RMB for one suddenly drops to 100, then 80, no it’s 70, until finally they offer 60 for two. And as they say in accented English, “I give you best price. Really.” Or, “I haven’t sold anything today. Really.” Hmmm…really. Most of the shopkeepers speak and understand English, but pretend not to. It’s all part of the game and if you like bargains, you play along with them.


Pearl Market, Puxi, Shanghai.

I'll take one of those.

Custom fitting.

Oh boy.

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, than pearls come in a close second…

Second best friend.

Especially if you’re Chinese.

Even Circus Mom needs a strand.

4 thoughts on “Pearl Market

  1. What a fun shopping day. I have always loved pearls . . . they are a birthstone for June! There are just so beautiful, delicate and classy! Circus mom and the girls you look stunning in your pearls!

  2. So sweet! The Pearls, not the shop owners. I think I remember those same “techniques” in Tijuana, Mexico. One guy said “you, be my first sale of day.” I said, “It’s 1:00 in the afternoon, that is really sad.” And then I left.

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