Happy Presidents’ Day from China

Fried rice and soup.

We’re becoming a bit Sinicized (“Chinese-ified”) around here.

Lunch lady.

Today for lunch, we went to an eatery where I ordered beef fried rice. It came with a soup and what initially looked like fish balls, but actually was stinky tofu. Ba-lech. Sorry Mom and Dad, I tasted it but I couldn’t get past the smell. I ate fried rice.

The Hubs' usual.

The Hubs’ had his usual. I think he eats dumplings (steamed, boiled or fried) at least once per week. This order had pork and green chard-like vegetable filling.

He hearts dumplings.

The best part of the day usually occurs at dinner, when we sit down as a family. Tonight I made spaghetti. Miss M asked for chopsticks. Who eats spaghetti with chopsticks? I reminded myself that the Chinese have been eating noodles for thousands of years, after all.

She’s becoming quite Chinese. Survival of the fittest. That’s my girl.

4 thoughts on “Happy Presidents’ Day from China

  1. How wonderful to see Miss M holding chopsticks so well. need idea for prepare circus’s Eeaster Basket ( oh, I should say box). miss all of you. :)

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