In My Courtyard

I’ve been heartsick without my karate classes. But yesterday, as I was walking The Circus to a friend’s building, I witnessed this awesomeness:

Pose 1. Grace and balance.

Tai chi right in my own courtyard. We admired this gentleman’s skills and he was kind enough to let me take his photo. I can’t wait for Spring. Hot dog! When the weather warms up, Pinky Stinky and I will be out there with cute Chinese grandmas and grandpas, learning Tai chi.

Pose 2. Bring it!

5 thoughts on “In My Courtyard

  1. I like this shot. I tried Tai chi before and it was NOT easy. I bet you often see the senior people doing their morning Tai chi exercise in China. I sometimes wonder if Americans will ever adopt this.

  2. I tried a Tai Chi workout video once…the instructor was so annoying I couldn’t finish it. :) I’ve always thought it looked like an amazing workout. I should try it again.

    • Hi Kjerstin! I’ve never tried it, but I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ve been told that many people (mostly seniors) congregate in the courtyards and parks when the weather warms up.

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