Carre Four Part 1

Are you wondering what my Chinese grocery store looks like? Carre Four is an Asian equivalent (sort of, it pales in comparison, in my book) to Super Target.

Dried shrimp.

A myriad of stalls with dried everything, from seafood like abalone, fish, shrimp, to Chinese herbs, to dried meats like pork sides and other animal parts.


Fresh seafood to go. Next time I’ll snap a shot of the snakes, turtles and frogs. If only I were joking…

Frozen shrimp.

Many of my Western friends avoid the butcher and seafood stalls, but I find them fascinating. The Circus has grown accustomed to the smells, or at least they cover their noses. (So do I.) More grocery store pictures to come in the following weeks. I’ll also be paying the “wet markets” a visit.

4 thoughts on “Carre Four Part 1

  1. Grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do here in Hong Kong. It is just so fascinating! While I have my canned goods delivered, I go to the wet market almost every day for produce. I need to be more brave about shopping for meat and fish at the markets. I wish you were here, so we could go out together!

  2. I loved Miss M and Pinky Stinky watching live fish in fish tank. That market reminded me of the Hong Kong Supermarket in Monterey Park, California. Fresh tilapia was always your Nai Nai’s favorite pick. Steamed tilapia tasted so good…

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