Breakfast Vendor


A half-empty basket of fried bread. This morning there was a street vendor parked near Miss M’s school. I was in a hurry to take The Kid to his school so I couldn’t sample her wares. But if I see her again, I just might purchase a fried puff and risk Chinese Montezuma’s revenge. (Would that be Qinshihuangdi’s revenge?)

Street Vendor.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast Vendor

  1. I have to ask? Do you have to ask these people before getting their picture?

    I love studying all of the pictures you post here.. I imagine myself taking them…


    • Hi Treasure, I try to do it surreptitiously, using the kids as “models” near people or market place stalls. If I shoot while I’m alone, I’m scolded or flat-out yelled at. (You CAN’T take that here! What do you think you’re doing?!) But people are much more gracious if there’s a “foreign” presence, if I’m with my Laowai Hubs or my kids. Wish I had a giant telephoto lens like a good paparazzo. Heh.

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