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I’ve been writing a talk for Church, which I’m delivering tomorrow morning. That’s in eight short hours, to speak for fifteen long minutes. I was assigned the topic, “The Blessings of Holding Regular Family Home Evening.” Fun, eh? Speaking of the importance of families, I’m asked quite often if the girls are twins.

Twins? Just the coats.

I’m certain the matching coats confuse them, but Miss M is over a head taller and two years older than Pinky Stinky. I mentioned it previously, but the One-child policy has done a disservice to Chinese society. In this case, it’s distorted Chinese perception regarding families. The general populace is unaccustomed to seeing multiple siblings from the same family. Before you know it, they’ll be asking me if these two are twins.

The Kid and his UK bud.

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  1. Since it is noon your time when I am writing this, I am hoping you are all done with your talk, but since I am not sure what time your church is, I will say good luck! You will do a great job! Let us know how it goes.

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