Happy Monday

Thank you, Internet.

No pictures of China today because this morning I did something very American. I watched a “live” broadcast of the Academy Awards. Thank you, Internet and satellite cable. There was actually a two-minute delay (I skyped with my sister who was watching it in the U.S.), most likely for Chinese censors. I ain’t gonna lie. I felt quite American again… just me, the TV and James Franco.

Huzzah for Colin Firth! His Mr. Darcy and I go way back (like every other woman), to the 1995 BBC production of P&P.

It was a happy morning.

Soon, it’ll be time for bed. I’m fifteen hours ahead of most of my friends and family. So I wish you a Happy Monday!

Tired mom at 9pm. Grateful for modern technology.

P.S. Hideous window coverings and desk furnished by landlord.

One thought on “Happy Monday

  1. We also watched the Academy Awards last night. So happy Colin Firth won best actor. Love him! This video makes me laugh everytime I watch it. Thanks for sharing! Isn’t technology wonderful? So glad you were able to watch it.

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