Window Shopping at Pines

There are stores galore here filled with real designer handbags, expensive cashmere sweaters and jewelry. Things that I’ve never really considered or found interesting. But to each their own. Instead, I find myself and The Circus window shopping at Pines, an expat grocery store, loaded with goodies from the United States.

Cocoa Krispies for 71.80RMB/$11.04USD. Eat your wheaties, kids. Or whatever cereal your mom bought for under $4 at the grocery store. Because there are American children in China who would happily eat it for you…namely The Circus.

Prego 45.50RMB/$7USD. It makes you appreciate those Boy Scout spaghetti dinners so much more.

Hershey’s chocolate chips 46.90RMB/$7.21USD.
Let’s be honest. Who needs cashmere when there’s chocolate to be had? (Or Japan to be helped.) It’s all about priorities.

2 thoughts on “Window Shopping at Pines

  1. Wow! I can’t believe those prices. I don’t buy any cereal here if it is over $2.50. As for the spaghetti sauce, I’ll have to send you a recipe for homemade sauce. Sooo much better then the bottled. THat being said, hopefully canned tomatoes aren’t expensive there too.

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