Carre Four Part 3

I don’t know what you’re thinking…
but those are dried sea cucumbers.

“Hanging” around the dried fish aisle.

Dried abalone, cuttlefish, seaweed, shrimp.

Dried fish, kelp, more shellfish.

The Circus holds their noses when they walk by the pungent odor. I suppose it’s fragrant, if you like the smell of dried fish. I hold my nose, too.

5 thoughts on “Carre Four Part 3

  1. I am getting quite an education and insight into China by reading your blog. We smelled some pretty bad odors when we visited Hong Kong so I have a pretty good idea what this smells like. Your Hubs sent home a package to us from Hong Kong and it smelled the minute we opened it. I know I would be right there with the circus holding my nose as well!

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