Yu Gardens Shopping District Part 1

Locks of all sorts; keys kept behind the counter.

I went to the shopping district in Yu Gardens today, a difficult place to describe, with outdoor stalls full of everything you can imagine, from worse-than-dollar-store quality toys to umbrellas, rubber bands, fake flowers, chopsticks, underwear, gift bags and party supplies. Some of the connected buildings house multiple floors of vendor stalls, known amongst foreigners as the “Junkateria.” The higher quality stores sell antiques, cloisonne, tapestries and art. I chanced upon a hardware hut that sold some interesting items.
Heavy door knockers come in pairs.
Individual door knockers.
Fancy key rings.

I am certain I’ll return to the Yu Gardens shopping district. There’s no JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby here, so I’ll be looking for craft items and children’s birthday party gifts. I’ll try to take some better pictures of the outdoor stalls… Yu Gardens Shopping, to be continued.

2 thoughts on “Yu Gardens Shopping District Part 1

  1. Love the door knockers . . . hope you picked out a nice one for yourself. Actually, this looks like a pretty cool place to shop. How are the prices?

    • Large door knockers (not shown) were 450RMB ($70 USD). Yu Gardens is interesting. Most of the goods are cheaply made and priced like dollar store goods. Ballons for .38 RMB, craft items for 6-20 RMB and toys and things. It’s called the “Junkateria” for a reason, lots of junk! I haven’t looked at the antiques, tapestry or cloisonne so I don’t know about the prices.

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