Hutongs Part 2

Pedestrian alleyway.
Pardon the brief commentary, but tonight, I’ve got two kids coughing. One sounds asthmatic, the other sounds like the seal bark of the dreaded croup. It’s taken over an hour to load these photos and I’ve got another shift to administer albuterol at midnight and four a.m. While illness and asthma would occur anywhere, seeking good medical care and medicine here is much more complicated then in the States. Most days in China, I wish I were back in America…

Back to the Hutongs.
Door number 15.

Row of rickshaws.

Scores of people offered us rides around the area. Instead, we decided to walk.
Door Number 20. In my opinion, the unique doors are the best part of the Hutongs.

I couldn’t resist a family photo in front of a beautiful door. When we were all healthy and together.

8 thoughts on “Hutongs Part 2

  1. Hi Karen aka CM.
    Thank you for your hour of posting great pictures. Sorry to hear that you have two under the weather and it sounds like your spirits are down a bit.
    Hope the sickness goes away and your spirits soar like a stock brokers dream of wealth.

    • Richard, thank you for your kind thoughts and well wishes. It’s been a rough week with The Hubs away and one of the kids struggling with newly diagnosed asthma. What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger, right?

      • Wellll Xiao Bi Chi has not killed me yet (close) I guess I am stronger due to the fact I am still alive. Hang in there CM the Circus will be back to it’s three rings. I loved your pictures!!!
        I wonder when the Boats run?

  2. Hi Circus Family What a nice family pic! Becky sent me this site. It is great to see and read about your adventures. Hope all is well! Love Always your Cousin Carolyn

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