Beijing Hearts The Circus

Tiananmen. Not just here for Chairman Mao.
Walking around with The Circus in Beijing is like walking around with Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disneyland.
Great Wall. This nice European man and his wife (standing behind me) thought The Circus was adorable in their hats. I can’t blame them.
Forbidden City. Notice the woman is holding Pinky Stinky. PS isn’t too thrilled.
Posing for Circus Mom?
Or these guys? (Yes, this one has potential to be creepy, I know. Unfortunately, I couldn’t cover my Circus’ faces with paper bags. We’ll just pray for the best, in all cases.)
Forbidden City. This sweet couple was quite embarrassed as they approached us.

Hutongs. A very excited group ran over and asked for a photo.
Subway station.
Temple of Heaven.

Forbidden City. Waiting in line to buy tickets, I turned around and saw women snapping shots.

Both men and women wanted to take pictures with The Circus. Some with kids, some without. They were polite, excited or embarrassed. Some asked permission, most did not. Several people (Chinese and European) tried to surreptitiously take photos with telephoto lenses. While I noticed, I wasn’t quick enough with my own shot. Too bad. It was like being stalked by the paparazzi. One Chinese guy asked me to take a photo of him standing with my family, namely The Circus and The Hubs. That was a funny one. Too bad I was shooting with his camera.

Fortunately, we’re blessed to see real stars, like Mickey & Minnie in the summer. Lest The Circus gets too big for their cute Wasian britches.

Dear Beijing,
The feeling is mutual. Heart on.
Circus Mom

4 thoughts on “Beijing Hearts The Circus

  1. That is so funny! I love the one with the little boy and your circus in the subway – made me laugh! Can’t wait to see you guys.

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