Honesty and Integrity

Mutianyu, Great Wall, Beijing.
Tomorrow is Easter. I’ve been thinking about Judas Iscariot and the choice he made to betray Jesus. Whether Judas betrayed Christ for love of money or for lack of faith, he made a choice. I can’t help but wonder what kind of person chooses darkness when they’ve been shown the path of light and how do we keep ourselves from becoming that person…

Today is one of those “I hate China” days. Somewhere between three aisles in the little expat store in our compound, I dropped a 100RMB bill. I was rushing around with The Circus and we stopped in the candy aisle. I had items on top of the cash in my hand and when I went to pay, I noticed some cash was missing. I rushed back to the candy aisle and found my 10RMB note, but the red 100RMB note was gone. I made a announcement to the nine people standing in line. “Has anyone seen my 100RMB bill?” I asked loudly in Chinese and English. The two foreigners and seven Chinese people seemed uncomfortable that I dared to ask. They stared at me blankly. I checked with the few employees. There was no one else. One among the fifteen people around me decided the money ($15 US dollars) was worth more than an act of honesty and integrity.

While I lived in Los Angeles for five years, my friends and I had our lost items including dropped wallets, keys, Ipad and money returned to us. Tomorrow will be better as we celebrate Easter. But tonight is just gross. I feel betrayed by a culture that I find lacks a moral compass.

3 thoughts on “Honesty and Integrity

  1. Karen that is so hard. Maybe they really needed it. On a vacation once my husband dropped $50. It was a lot to us back then. But we tried to have the outlook that maybe we were an instrament in helping someone in need. I hope all is well!

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