Cloisonne Factory

Cloisonne vases.
A short drive down from Mutianyu, we discovered a small Cloisonne factory, situated in Huai Rou County. To me, cloisonne represents the beauty and elegance of Chinese art, in all of its fanciness.
Bronze beginning.
Wire pieces for inlay.
Enamel colors, hand painted.
Waiting for the hot kiln.
Burn, baby, burn.
Each piece is fired several times, once to adhere the inlay and again for the color.
Polish. Charcoal and sandstone.
Finishing touches.
The process of producing cloisonne is quite interesting and The Circus enjoyed the quick tour. Unfortunately, we didn’t pick up any cloisonne pieces for home. Maybe next time. (Because you know we’ll be back to Beijing.)

4 thoughts on “Cloisonne Factory

  1. ” I am now good at painting ” Miss M told me over the skype few weeks ago. I
    am so proud of her. Look at her painting for a cloisonne vase. Just like an artist.

  2. Ohhhhhh, our little Miss M is so cute painting that fabulous print. Our little artist! I just love cloisonne. We got a vase and a letter opener when we were in Hong Kong. It is just a beautiful art. Thanks for the tour. It’s really interesting to see the process.

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