Silly Serenity

Things I’d probably never do in America: Crowd ten people into a minivan every Sunday for church. Thanks to our Italian friends V & V and their beautiful kids, we make it home safely. (Trust me, a taxi ride is more dangerous.)
After four months of residing in Shanghai, there’s still quite a bit of chaos in my soul.
I am searching for serenity and it comes one day at a time. Thankfully, I believe in searching for joy in this life. 2Nephi 2:25
Silly things on my mind: Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (Woo hoo!), 50 days (but who’s counting) until I go back for a summer visit, Target, karate class, American TV with 300 channels, rib eye steak, salad, protein bars and Disneyland.
I also have more profound thoughts, I promise. Like: What happens when I just don’t jive with someone, even though I try, but I have to work with them or attend church with them? Or the cost of inflation in China. (My monthly groceries cost almost as much as my monthly mortgage. Ack!) Or health care; we’ve had sick visits but where do I take the kids in an emergency? Puxi, thirty minutes across the river.
Those are some of the more burdensome thoughts. But more often it’s: what can I do to serve others and become a better person? Or how grateful I am for my husband, children, family and friends around the world and for modern technology, which allows me to keep in contact with the people I love most dearly in this life.
Aren’t these kids silly? And full of joy.

4 thoughts on “Silly Serenity

  1. Don’t we all share so many common thoughts and wonderings! Maybe yours stand out more in china because you’re thinking/saying them in English! You’ll always have perplexities, because you aim for exaltation. This life is the proving ground, so as long as you have that goal, you’ll face the challenges to get to the next level of mastery in every area of life. You’re a black belt in many areas, so I’m sure you’ll master the rest. Just keep on course dear one. “Endure it well”. Miss you circus folks!!

    • La O,
      I am touched by your kind words. Your generous friendship is a tremendous blessing to our family. Can’t wait to see you in the summer! xoxo.

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