Sweeter Ride Part 2

Be my driver.
Is it just me, or are these boys extra happy?
More Zoolander “Blue Steel.”

These trucks remind me of Optimus Prime.
But instead of a Transformer, it’s a “MAN” vehicle.

There were some really outlandish and flat out ugly cars at the show. The Audis were as heavily guarded (roped off) as the Lamborghinis and Ferraris, go figure. According to Pu, we can get closer to these fancy cars just driving around town, or parking in the underground garages. My friend posted pics of the New York Auto Show, which ran simultaneously as the Shanghai show. Maybe next time we’ll be lucky enough to get Lightning McQueen and Mater at our show. (Shanghai has some NYC envy.) I guess we’ll keep perfecting our “Blue Steel” modeling gazes for next year’s show.

5 thoughts on “Sweeter Ride Part 2

  1. We may have had Lightning & Mater, but we didn’t get a Bugatti Vehron (sp?)! If “Cars 2″ had a China segment, I’ll bet you would’ve had some characters there this year. But they’re just going through Japan & Europe.

  2. Looks like the guys were in car heaven! Amazing! These cars are incredible! Did the guys want their picture taken with the car or the model??? Just asking!

  3. Wow! Those cars are tight. My favorite one is the multicolored one that one is the best. Said hi to The Kid tell him i cant what to see him.

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