Steamed Buns

A mere six months ago, The Circus chowed down on boxed mac ‘n cheese or jam sandwiches for snacks. Now, they enjoy a different kind of good eats. Baozi, or steamed buns.

There’s a stand down the street that sells fresh steamed buns, by the thousands per day. According to Mr. Smith, it’s a renown chain with better hygiene standards than other stands. Good to know, eh? (Not that it’s saying much out here…) Buns cost 1 RMB a piece and contain sweet or savory fillings.
Veggie bun with chard, shitake mushrooms and bean curd. Believe or not, Pinky Stinky chows down on a whole veggie bun.
The Kid prefers sweet red bean paste.

If I’m lucky, they’ll allow me to snap a photo of the stand and their menu and I’ll add a second post. In the meanwhile, I am astounded that my Circus has converted to some incredibly authentic Chinese food. Cute little Circus buns.

6 thoughts on “Steamed Buns

  1. Looks great.
    If I had not read the description
    I would have thought that they came from Xiao Bi Chi’s kitchen

  2. Veggies steamed buns are my favorite too! I heart Pinky Stinky. Puo-Puo makes some awesome pork/shrimp steamed buns. Let’s have a bun-making party when you frrnn’s return. :P Loves.

  3. They look interesting. They probably taste better than they look! I would be willing to try one though. I’m impressed with the circus for trying so many new kinds of food. Good job, Circus!

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