Department Store Royalty

We walked by a department store in Beijing and 2/3 of The Circus was thrilled to pose with a costumed Emperor and Empress. In America, stores have Santa, the Easter Bunny, clowns, superheroes or even the Little Caesar’s Pizza Pizza Guy, but out here they have Huangdi.

18 days until U.S.A. and the Pizza Pizza Guy.

7 thoughts on “Department Store Royalty

  1. Neat Picture! Ummmm the Princess looks more authoritative than the Emperor.
    Perhaps then as now it is the Lady of the House that is the driving force.
    How long do plan to stay in the Land of the Big BX (KWAJ speak) aka USA?

  2. Very cool! The kids look happy to be standing next to them. Only 18 days? That will be here before you know it! So excited to see you guys and get our nerts on :)

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