Thirty Days of Gratitude

Last night, after a twenty-hour journey, we flew into Salt Lake City. As the plane landed, and I saw the blue skies and mountains, tears swelled in my eyes. The Kid later confessed to me that he felt teary-eyed when the planed landed. Who knew returning to the U.S. would be so emotional.

We have the joy of staying on U.S. soil for six weeks and I will be posting thirty days of gratitude, of what I’ve missed about living in America. I hope these posts will give some perspective on what we unintentionally take for granted in our lives.

Gratitude Post #1, coming tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “Thirty Days of Gratitude

  1. We are so glad that you are home. We may just have to hide you away and never let you go! Think Matt would go for that? We may just hog-tie him and not let him go back either! LOL!

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