Gratitude Post #1: Clean Restrooms

Thirty days of gratitude. What I love and miss about living in the United States, posted in no particular order. (Obviously, family and friends would be first on the priority list if I were better organized.)

Living in Los Angeles for five years, I’ve encountered some less-than-clean restrooms. However, nothing can compare to the sight and smell of a squatter, with urine and um, other “stuff” splattered all over the squatter and surrounding floor. Lucky for you that I accidentally left my laptop in Shanghai with my squatter pics. I can’t count the times I’ve “held it” in the hopes of finding a semi-clean western restroom, like in a nearby hotel or waited until we went home. Pinky Stinky absolutely refuses to use a squatter, crying the entire time I (or usually The Hubs) am trying to maneuver her over the porcelain vessel. The Kid is one lucky kid for being a dude. Also, many of the facilities I’ve encountered have been without toilet paper or soap. Sometimes both. That’s just a level of dirty that I don’t understand. Then again, these are the same people who pick their noses and then serve me my food…(true story.)

Our twenty-hour journey back to the U.S. required multiple uses of airplane and airport toilets, all cleaner than just about everything I’ve encountered in Shanghai. Bonus: paper sanitary liners included. Today, I walked into a palatial Walmart restroom and beheld it in its immaculate glory. Decorated, deodorized and “spic n span” clean.

For the next six weeks, I can fearlessly walk into most stalls and flush with gratitude.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Post #1: Clean Restrooms

  1. Sounds like you are flushed with excitement with the prospect of clean restrooms for the next few weeks

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