Gratitude Post #4: Chicken Lollipops

KFC lovin’.
This week, the 3-year-old was happily reunited with her “chicken lollipops.” While China has several fast food chains including KFC, McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., Burger King, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns, they are obviously geared towards the Chinese market and palate with items like seafood topped pizza (think squid) and deep fried thigh sandwiches, containing thick pieces of chicken fat. KFC is…different experience, without fried or grilled chicken pieces, let alone sans white chicken breast.

But enough about the food, this post represents the fantastic wonder and creativity of children. Because, who else would describe a drumstick as a lollipop? Creativity is often squelched in other cultures, especially in an incredibly conformist China, where elementary age children come home after school and do homework until midnight. But that’s for another post. Thankfully, creativity and innovation is embraced in America. I’ve spent the last eight years dedicated to raising my children and there is nothing I love more than observing their creative and imaginative play. Thank goodness for the spirit of “chicken lollipops.”

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Post #4: Chicken Lollipops

  1. So thankful for you and your perspective. Also thankful for your circus. Also thankful for your blog/website. Just full of gratitude. Hope you are healing well. XO

  2. With the creativity of “CHICKEN LOLLIPOPS” KFC Drum Sticks do not have a leg to stand on! CM, you have great offspring.

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