Gratitude Post #6: TV

This post may border on the ridiculous. There are many people who happily exist without television and even see it as an unnecessary evil. I, however, embrace surfing the 300 plus cable channels available to us and view it as luxurious rather than excessive. It’s entertainment heaven. There’s nothing like a good episode of Hoarders, Glee or Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. My children have been enjoying a plethora of programming on PBS Kids, Disney and Nick. Hey, Elmo introduced/reinforced the alphabet to The Kid, many moons ago, and he just earned top marks in his class. His brain works just fine.

Speaking of not working…did I mention my six foreign television channels in China work ten percent of the time? Local TV is interesting, full of melodramatic soaps of Red Guards or shows propagandist in nature of Japan attacking China. Same thing in the U.S., I suppose, only you have a representation of the spectrum of opinion, right? Hopefully…

While I’m recovering from surgery, The Circus is enjoying reading, running around outside and Phineas & Ferb. Yes, I’m grateful for the myriad of channels on TV. Busted.

8 thoughts on “Gratitude Post #6: TV

  1. Oh man, I totally relate to this post. I am a tv junkie and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Glad you have some entertainment to keep you busy while you recuperate :)

    • Hi Allison,
      Glad to know I’m not the only junkie out there. There’s some seriously entertaining stuff on the tube.

    • Hi Treasure,
      I snapped a different photo of channel 300 while I was watching “Billy Elliott” on some Ovation channel; channel 299 was a reality show “1 Girl, 5 Gays.” Wish I had given in, but the urge to watch Hoarders could not be overcome. Totally worth it: the man was a rat hoarder, 2000 total inside his house.

  2. We decided to jettison TV a few months ago to save money until that magical thing called “employment” begins, & I’m with you! Granted, we do have the advantage of being able to watch our favorite shows the next day on Hulu, but having to plug in the computer & get up during every mini-commercial break to swish the mouse around so it doesn’t go to sleep & screw everything up is just not as fun as plopping on the couch & clicking the remote. Especially since my recent update to IE9 made it so that sound no longer goes through the TV when I plug in the HDMI cable! Tragedy! Bring back the satellite! Soon!
    (On a less ridiculous note, we loved TV in Russia too… How they worship those soap operas! We also liked watching the American TV shows dubbed into Russian. It helped my Russian sometimes, but was mostly just frustrating when you could hear the English softly underneath. We did have to worry a lot about nudity in those Russian shows though… I imagine that’s not as much of a problem in China?)

    • Catherine,
      No nudity or even mildly sexual scenes on TV. Censorship is alive and well in China. I had a good laugh at your comment about hooking everything up. If only our internet speed were fast enough to stream anything, I might have a happier existence out there. (Says the Junkie.)

  3. CM
    What kind of Camera are you using? The TV shots are so crisp and clear. Technical minds want to know. Hope to see the Circus, CM and others soon.
    The M’s

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