Gratitude Post #8: Chocolate

This morning for breakfast I enjoyed a bowl of chocolate mini wheats, full of chocolate chips and cocoa, soaked in chocolate soy milk. Sigh. Life is beautiful.
I’m certain you’ve read about the outrageous cost of a bag of Hershey’s chocolate chips in Shanghai. (Translation: you’ve heard my whining.) I never realized how prevalent chocolate is in my diet, until I opened my refrigerator and pantry doors.As a purist, I’ve tended to snub American made Hershey’s chocolate, until it became a luxury item in my life. I never knew I loved Hershey’s Chocolate Twizzlers until I could no longer have them.
“Real” chocolate in China is considered a luxury item, with bags of Hershey kisses often locked behind glass doors. And Chinese chocolate is just… wrong. The taste, the texture…honestly, I don’t even know if there’s real cocoa in there. Something to research, when I return.

In the meanwhile, I’m taking full advantage of chocolate everything… including chocolate balsamic vinegar. Mmmmm…
As Americans, I don’t think we realize how much chocolate we consume in our diets. High quality or not. Speaking of exceptional quality, thank you to my friends Richard and Lina, for sending me a lovely gift of Amano dark chocolate.

For the next six weeks I will be indulging in chocolate. Thank heavens for elastic waistbands. The Hubs will have to roll me onto the plane… chocolate in hand.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude Post #8: Chocolate

  1. Don’t worry, I realize how much chocolate I eat on a daily basis :) . I wouldn’t last 2 seconds without it, not even 2 seconds. Did you bring an empty suitcase with you to load up with chocolate and take back with you? If not, live it up while you are here. Chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner….and don’t forget the snacks!

    • I considered hauling chocolate back, but it’s so hot, I’m sure it would melt in the luggage. Thankfully, I can enjoy it here!

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