Gratitude Post #14: Craft Stores

On the hunt for art supplies last month, I schlepped PS and our bags over the river to Puxi’s Fuzhou Lu where every shop sells the exact same thing, at varying prices. For ribbon and gift wrap, I took another three hour endeavor over to Puxi to the Junkateria and endured the dirty (think loogies), the crowds and obnoxious bargaining. I have yet to brave the Fabric Market, which requires a good half day and no kids.
Enter JoAnn’s…
I walked in and heard Heavenly choirs singing. Not really, but you know what I mean. Bolts of fabric, aisles of colored papers, stickers, art supplies, doodads, gizmos, literally every craft bell and whistle one can dream of. It was Craft Heaven.

Whether it’s Michael’s, JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby, there’s nothing like having access to every craft item under the sun, under one roof. With no loogies on the floor.
Cue Heavenly choirs.

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