Gratitude Post #15: AAA

Have you ever been rescued by AAA? I have.
On a 90-plus degree Saturday, my mom and I stopped by the storage unit to get The Hubs’ car. The battery was dead. Thankfully, my mom has a AAA membership. Wiley showed up within an hour and gave our car a jump. Turns out the emergency break was locked on the back tire and the car also needed a new battery.
AAA carries batteries, gas and other stuff. Check out the back of the truck.
Wiley was fantastic. Two hours of labor under a hot sun and he was a cheerful gentleman, friendly and knowledgeable. He chatted with us about batteries, brakes and Volvos and he thought I was as old as his 25-year-old daughter. That made my day.

Practicing for the next Shanghai Auto Show…NOT. I had just returned from a friend’s family sealing at Draper Temple. Black lace is really hot in 98 degrees. Thank you Wiley and AAA for rescuing us.

And thanks, Mom, for the membership and for taking my picture. I hope The Hubs enjoys it and his car. He owes us…maybe some chocolate dessert.

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