Gratitude Post #16: Sandwich Cutters

This post oozes with gratitude potential, from Star Wars to Williams-Sonoma. Where do I even begin? By the way, you can own these for half price at
I can see the potential turn off of these in China, where children are neither finicky nor playful with food. But, what’s an occasional wasted crust? Make bread crumbs, thicken soups and sauces, feed them to the chickens. I’ve just given you three options so you won’t feel guilty about wasted crusts and the starving children in China. (Although, I’ve seen plenty of roly polys in the city. Just saying.)

A Millenium Falcon ham sandwich blasting a Tie Fighter made me smile. And it made The Circus’ day. PS, who often opts for hunger strikes, chowed down. Thank you, fun food creations.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude Post #16: Sandwich Cutters

      • What does one use for “Darth Vader” sandwiches pumpernickel bread ? I guess now my question is How does one make black pancakes?

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