Gratitude Post #11: Small Town Celebrations Part 1

Some of my favorite memories about living in a small town like Herriman are the rodeos, carnivals and celebrations. During Herriman Days, we sat on our front porch and watched fireworks light up the night sky. It was idyllic and quaint and I loved it. This morning The Kid and I made it to the Balloon Fest, just one of the many events in Provo’s Freedom Festival celebration. We were up and running by 5:30 a.m.

In its 27th year, this year’s Balloon Fest featured a Darth Vader hot air balloon from Belgium. Stars Wars and the Fourth of July? You complete me.

Lord Vader, himself.
6:30 a.m. is early. But stormtroopers make it all worthwhile.
Inflating the balloons.
The Launch.
A floating pig, Smokey The Bear and a Sith lord. Pure whimsy.

Picture perfect.

The Circus and I are headed back to Provo for Colonial Days. More small town celebration photos are forthcoming…