Hangzhou Revisited

Koi fish ponds, Hangzhou.

Tomorrow, The Hubs is taking his U.S. peeps to Hangzhou for factory visits. Hangzhou, renown for silk and Longjing Tea, also manufacturers furniture and textiles.
The Circus joined in on the act.
Fish frenzy.

We skipped and frolicked until we were stopped in our tracks.
Thank you, Mr. Peacock. You were the highlight of The Circus’ trip to Hangzhou. No silk necessary.

4 thoughts on “Hangzhou Revisited

  1. I’m so happy that The Circus & family had a chance to visit Hangzhou. It is one of the places that I would like to visit again in China. I think Beijing is still my number one favorite place to visit again. Our CA trip was fun. We miss all of you lots. xoxoxo :)

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