See? Uninspired to take photos.

The Hubs has been in Vietnam all week. Meanwhile, I’ve been busy helping my kids with their homework, cooking, cleaning house and making new friends among school moms, Concordia teachers, Cub Scout leaders, fellow Church members and just enjoying life in general.

I miss my family, U.S. friends, karate, the LDS Temple and Target. But I know you’ll be proud of me for enduring, adapting and learning to be strong out here in China.

I am learning to thrive.

5 thoughts on “Thrive

  1. Hi CM
    Ah yes, Thriving is not that an integral part of surviving?As I have said before that I have known people that complain if they had to move across town,but look at you!
    So keep on thriving.
    With all the best.
    Richard and Xiao Bi Chi

  2. I went to Target yesterday in San Francisco and it reminded me of you. I told my work partner about your love for Target (which we say in French accent for fun “TargĂ©” haha). It was everything you described to me and more – I understand why you love it now. Miss you. Skype soon please. :)

  3. Patience, young grasshopper. In time, you will grow to love Shanghai just as much as Utah. And it will become home. The old adage “home is where the heart is” could not be truer. And I have the experience to back it up:

    - Pasadena, CA
    - Endicott, NY
    - Raleigh, NC
    - Concord, CA
    - Kelkheim, Germany
    - Concord, CA
    - Hong Kong
    - Concord, CA
    - San Francisco, CA
    - Alameda, CA
    - Lyndhurst, NJ
    - Alameda, CA (different house)

    I can honestly say that each time I moved I was not happy. But I left a piece of my heart in literally every one of the homes / cities I lived in above. Certainly some more than others. But I honestly grew to call each place home in time.

    Don’t let familiarity and complacency keep you from exploring your horizons and loving and living new experiences.

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