Welcome Fall

Jasmine in the air.
My facebook post reads: “Shanghai has forsaken its usual stink for the fragrance of Jasmine blossoms.” Mmmmmm…Finally, we can inhale deeply and enjoy it.

I’ve been waiting for the leaves to turn color but everything is still green. However, there’s a change in the weather and a crisp chill in the night air. I am ecstatic that Fall is finally here.

It’s V’s birthday tomorrow and I’m scouring the web for good made-from-scratch cake recipes. I’ll let you know if I find anything good. In the meanwhile, here’s a little tidbit we filmed this morning. Someone requested from us a video about Shanghai. Who knew we could be so giggly.

5 thoughts on “Welcome Fall

  1. I love the fragrance of Jasmine blossoms. CM do you remember your Puo Puo loves Jasmine tea? Your video clip is so cute. I missed you all. I got back from PA on Tuesday night, trip back home took almost 16 hours in the air and airport. I guess that will be my last trip with United. From now on if I go back to the east coast I will take Frontier departing from Provo.

  2. It’s feeling like fall here also, but we are having some warm weather for a few days in the 90′s! But, that won’t last, next week it will be in the 70′s. Love the fall weather and the crispness in the air. The leaves are starting to change as well!
    Loved the video and your turtle story! Miss you guys. XOXOXO

  3. Love it! So glad to see and hear you all laughing. Wish we could see the turtle man….maybe someday. We’ll save our pennies :)

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