Chestnut Vendor

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”
Whatever the season, I cannot see a chestnut without hearing Nat King Cole’s voice in my head. We picked up a bag for The Kid while we were at Painter Street. They were piping hot and according to him, “deeeelicious!” I accepted his word, since my stomach condition did not allow me to partake.

In addition to food poisoning, I have had the good fortune of developing a kidney infection. I’ve received two antibiotics and am thankful for access to Western medicine out here. Whilst The Hubs is away on his 10-day business trip, I’ll be enjoying DVDs galore, consuming gallons of liquids (Promise, Mom!) and thinking about the approaching holiday season. In two months it will be Christmas. And you know what that means? Six months until I am back in the “Land of the Free” for summer break. Woohoo!

Let the super early countdown to Christmas begin…

3 thoughts on “Chestnut Vendor

  1. Hi CM,
    Superstition tells that things come in threes as you have obtained two of the three let us hope that the third is good health returns.

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