Children’s Market

Welcome to my world. Children’s Market, near People’s Square, Puxi.
On Saturday, The Circus rolled over to Puxi to look for shoes for Pinky Stinky.
Again, shops galore, hawking the exact same wares as their competitors for identical prices.
Hairbows, clothings, coats, backpacks, toys, shoes…
Fluffed up, decked out, bejeweled, bedazzled and ribbonified. What I’d give for a Payless. The only plain pair of black dress shoes did not come in PS’s size.
We purchased Barbie sneakers for 230RMB/$40USD. Forget Payless. What I’d give for a Target.

3 thoughts on “Children’s Market

  1. I always thought you could get clothing etc. for incredible prices in China. I’m amazed at the price for PS’s shoes. I know she will look so cute in her Barbie sneakers. She must have been so excited! I’ll bet you would settle for a Targhetto, huh! Gotta’ love Target!

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