Third Time’s the Charm

Or so I’ve heard.
Yep, that’s right. Day 3 of The Hubs MIA and I was back to the doctor for a third type of antibiotics. Three antibiotics in four days. My gastro-intestinal insides must be completely sterilized by this point. (Bring on the street food! Just kidding, Dr. D.) Above all, I am extremely grateful for access to western medical care. Sure, the staff barely speaks English and mix ups occur, like when they sent me to see Dr. Ting (rising 2nd tone), a family practitioner, instead of Dr. Ting (falling 4th tone), a surgeon for gallbladder removal. And so what if last month they confirmed my 10:40 appointment only to tell me when I got there at 10:30 that they had heard 9:20. It sounds nearly the same, right? And should I really be concerned that the new antibiotic I was prescribed (which was manufactured in China) cost me 1RMB or 15 CENTS for 28 pills, when my daughter’s imported Barbie shoes cost 230RMB/$40USD?

Thankfully, my physicians so far have been American, Australian and Canadian. Mr. Smith, my driver is astounded that my visits take around an hour. “Don’t you need to wait all day in line to see if you get in?” he asks. Because that’s what he did in April, standing in line at his local hospital with his sick 1-year-old, hoping to be seen that same day. Americans think they want socialized medicine, because they’ve never tried it. Come to China and see how it really works… [almost getting off soapbox...] U.S. peeps, you have no idea how good you’ve got it. [okay, done, thanks.]

Many expats go to Parkway Health which has a more international feel but I prefer the Shanghai United Family clinic on Hongfeng Lu. It is the most western-style clinic in Pudong and feels like an American doctor’s office. In a few years, if they can overcome the hurdles of bureaucratic red tape, they may become a full-fledged hospital, complete with Emergency room with other specialty doctors. For now, it’s a Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 clinic. (Yes, that’s right. The nearest western-style emergency center is 40 minutes across the river. Count your blessings and pray for us, people.)

Reception and cashier desk.
In-house pharmacy.
Waiting room, complete with Tom & Jerry.

I meant it in June when I posted that I was grateful for quality healthcare.

Here’s to hoping that a third antibiotic is the charm…

3 thoughts on “Third Time’s the Charm

  1. Bless your heart… everyone should be required to live in a communist country for 2 years… there would be a lot less belly aching about little things

  2. Hi CM
    I see we are back to threes again. Here’s hoping the 3rd part of the second set of threes satisfies the the third part of the first set of threes.Did you follow all of that in your antibiotic State? In short we hope you are finished with the antibiotics soon!!!!

  3. What did you eat that made you so sick? Just curious and I am sure whatever it was (if you know), you’ll steer clear of it. I am crossing my fingers and toes that this antibiotic works! I don’t know how you have been sick and taking care of all the kids with Matt gone… are my hero!

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