Post 200: Painter Street

Need something framed? Want a hand painted copy on canvas?

Head over to Wending Lu and Nandan Lu in Puxi, or “Painter Street,” an alley lined with shops and painters selling original works of art, copies of famous paintings like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, custom framing, vases and curtain rods and fabrics. It’s an interesting combination of wares with an eclectic mix of shops.
Vases, bowls and basins.
Paintings and scrolls.
Custom framing.
Copying from a book.
Artist at work.
And finally…
The pièce de résistance.

I love art. When I view art, I find it to be an incredibly personal experience; it can be deeply moving, provocative and evoke strong feelings. In order for me to love a piece, it needs to resonate with me, whether in thought or feeling. I’ve never been a big fan of traditional Asian art, despite the beautiful, stereotypical scenes depicting cranes, bamboo and flowers. However, Painter Street offers a variety of mesmerizing Asian art, including scenes of Old Shanghai and water towns in Suzhou, painted in the style of Monet. Ultimately, The Hubs and I decided to purchase this copy of a Korean painting, (original painter unknown), painted by the sales lady’s husband Chen Hua Ping. For me, this piece brings to mind the Hutongs in Beijing. Extremely happy Hutongs.

I am going to hang it above the sofa, where it can proclaim the sentiments “Home Sweet Home” and “Bless This Home.”

By the way, see those “Four Seasons of Vietnam” above The Hubs’ head? I am already saving my pennies…

One of These Things…

is not like the other.
I spy with my little eye: The Hubs, The Kid and Pinky Stinky. Suzhou.
My body is allergic to China. That’s what I tell the Hubs, anyway. Although I’ve been extremely careful about what I eat here (no street food and rarely salads), I’ve had two bouts of severe “food poisoning” within two months now and I’m about to consume another dose of antibiotics. I won’t tell you what I did today, but it involved the doctor’s office, some plastic cups with spoons and a restroom. That was fun. {insert sarcasm and winky face emoticon here.} The Hubs returns tonight from a trip, only to leave for another 10-dayer.

I am going to bed. Good morning to you, America. I miss your “Biohazard” waste bins. Good night.

Suzhou Part 3 -The Food

Z ayi returned from a trip to her home province, Anhui, and brought us a bag of chestnuts. As I was preparing them, I remembered my Suzhou pics. No trip is complete without food photos.
Spicy skewers.
Tofu vendors.
Tieban tofu.
Roasted chestnuts.
Squid on a stick?
Egg skewers.
What a cutie patootie. I wonder if he’s thinking, “bacon or eggs?” I hope he enjoyed them.

Suzhou Part 2

Suzhou locals were friendly, polite and just plain nice. And industrious. There are a lot of hard workers in Suzhou…
In the tea gardens.
Carriage rides for tourists.
Yes, seriously.
Hang on, sofa!
Near Furniture Row.

“Think Different”

This morning I awoke to the sad news of the passing of Steve Jobs. Within an hour, my Macbook battery died. As I tried to charge it, the power adapter stopped functioning. How apropos. As if my computer were mourning with the world at the passing of a creative genius, a passionate and driven innovator, an American icon and a human being who changed the world.

We entertained ourselves today with our iPod, iPod shuffle, iPod touch and iPad. I haven’t had internet access all day. But tonight, a friend loaned me his spare power adapter, until I take a trip to the Apple store.

More pictures of Suzhou coming tomorrow.


“There is Heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below.” -Chinese saying.
I’ve heard this phrase from the time I was young. But today, I was reminded why Suzhou is also known as the “Venice of the East.”
Yunyan Pagoda on Tiger Hill. Also known as the “Leaning Tower of China.”

We were a walking freak show with thirteen kids. We were stalked like paparazzi and people sneaked into our groups to take photos. Suzhou hearts The Circus, too!
I never tire of stone lions and dragons.
And ancient drums.
We frolicked in the tea garden.
And took photos.
Just like the other tourists.
More Suzhou pictures to come.

National Day Part 2

October Holiday fireworks.
Last night we dined with our fantastic new friends who recently relocated to Shanghai. They have three boys, close to the same age as The Circus. We caused quite a commotion, at the Pho restaurant and walking about, with six kids in tow. The stinkies loved hanging out with their peeps.

Next up: Road trip number two. Headed to Suzhou tomorrow. It’s a 1.5 hour drive from Shanghai. Preparation tonight entails packing snacks, water and gizmos. I’m trying to charge all the electronics (DS, ipod,)…anything to keep The Circus entertained.

For pictures of Suzhou, come back tomorrow.

October 1 = National Day

Fireworks from Fandian Lu. Taken with The Hubs’ iphone.

On October 1, China celebrates National Day of the People’s Republic of China. For the locals, the holiday lasts for three days. The Circus has the entire week off from school. Tonight, we ate dinner with friends at Kerry Parkside, a new shopping plaza. As we stepped outside, we heard fireworks coming from Century Park. Traffic came to a standstill, with most of the cars, including taxis, pulling over. People hopped out to watch the night show and celebrate their nation’s day. As a student of Chinese history, I feel ambivalent regarding this date in history, for many reasons that I cannot publish. However, I find it wonderful that the people are in a celebratory mood and take patriotic pride in their national holiday.