Red Socks

I found this lady in the French Concession. Look at her beautiful red socks! I snapped a quick shot, using the grand error of auto focus and didn’t check to make sure she was in focus. Sometimes I wish there was a “redo” button in life. Looking forward to some photography classes next year after I enroll PS in school.

Return to Tianzifang

V and I. [All photography in this post by Fabio Finotto]
On Saturday, we revisited Tianzifang with our friends.
Pinky Stinky.
The Hubs and I.
The Circus + friends.
Two of our besties, V & F.
F is an amazing photographer who was kind enough to shoot our Christmas photos.

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we celebrate our first major holiday away from the United States, away from friends and family, I know we have much to be thankful for: The Hubs’ job, The Circus and their school, shelter, food, clothing, good health, new friends, adventures…the list goes on and on. We think of you this day as we celebrate our blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!

Qi Pu Road Food Vendors

And, with any new adventure, comes food photos. [My not-so-secret dream is to be a food photog.] Tepanyaki squid.
Squid and hot dogs. Interesting combo.
Melon man.
Not really cantaloupe or honey dew. Chinese melon, ha mi gua.
Candied lychees.
Tofu vendor.
Chinese Egg Mcmuffin?
LL, enjoying it. Love my adventurous friend! [Thanks to many bouts of food poisoning requiring antibiotics, I do not partake in street food.]

Qi Pu Road

After a walk on The Bund, we ventured to Qi Pu Lu, a street full of non-brand clothing, where only locals shop.
Check out Tommy Welai and Polo Villae. All clothing is non-brand, and typically catered to Chinese style.
Buildings full of clothing shops.
Sea of people.
Inside one of the buildings.
Check out the do!
A blurry shot of women running to the 20RMB jeans. (That’s $3.12USD. Unfortunately, LL and I determined that we couldn’t squeeze a thigh into them. Good ol’ American girls. Heh.)

Back to The Bund

Back to the Bund. I can’t believe we’ve lived in Shanghai for almost one year. Since then, we’ve only been to the Bund once. We remedied it last Saturday by taking our friends LL and her cute clan.
People, everywhere.
No walking space.
Like spawning salmon, headed upstream.
He kinda looked like my Grandfather, so I took a picture.
I just thought they looked cute.
Gotcha! LL and I snapped each other.

LL and clan.
It was bright and smoggy. We can’t see!

More pictures tomorrow of The Bund, architecture and food. I’m about to fall asleep from the advilPM. [Yes!] Come back tomorrow for more…

Cub Scout Camp. Sort of.

Cub Scout Camp, Shanghai Troop 88.

I fell asleep last night at 7:30 p.m. I think that must be a new record.

Cub Scout Camp was on-again, off-again, then modified on-again, thanks to rain. An overnight experience became a four-hour workshop. Thirty Bears wielding pocket knives during a whittling course put the fear in all of us. Thankfully, there were only three cuts. [I thought that was three too many, but one of the leaders said that's a very low casualty count. Hmmmm...]

There’s a winter chill in the air and the rains are more frequent. Our one-year anniversary is approaching and I’m grateful that my friends and Scouts job has helped make life happy here.

For Amy, Mon Amie

I have made many incredible friendships out here, just as you prayed for me. But a select few have brought me tremendous joy and happiness and made my life in Shanghai happy. I know you realize this in no way diminishes our own special friendship and I long for you to be here, too. [I think of you often, especially when I am cooking.] But know that I have good friends who watch over me.
Nancy B. I love this wonderful lady. She made a tremendous difference in my life here when I first arrived and provided comfort, friendship and wisdom. She returned to Utah in September, but I think of her often.
Helen from the U.K. She is truly delightful. And proper. The Brit in me is ecstatic.
Cub Scout besties: Mrs. J, my crazy Australian friend (love her!) and Mr. D from the US. Every other Wednesday and once a month on Saturday, we suffer together. Heh.
Becky & Alan. VT and HT to our family. I love them.
SC, my beautiful friend who inspires people to do good works.
LL from NorCal and V from Italy, my peeps!
Kia from SoCal and Alison, a fellow Utahn. Love these ladies.
Alison again. Just because she makes me laugh! [Pu is in the background. Of course he and J are on this list, too.]

All of these people watch over and support me. I feel truly blessed to be here with them. They have made Shanghai worth it.

Now get your hiney out here! xoxo.

8:57 PM

Hitting the sack before nine. That’s a little bit sad. I’ve just had way too much fun this weekend with ten nine-year-olds at Cub Scout camp, hanging with eleven three-year-olds for two hours at Church and a partridge in a pear…zzzz…