For Amy, Mon Amie

I have made many incredible friendships out here, just as you prayed for me. But a select few have brought me tremendous joy and happiness and made my life in Shanghai happy. I know you realize this in no way diminishes our own special friendship and I long for you to be here, too. [I think of you often, especially when I am cooking.] But know that I have good friends who watch over me.
Nancy B. I love this wonderful lady. She made a tremendous difference in my life here when I first arrived and provided comfort, friendship and wisdom. She returned to Utah in September, but I think of her often.
Helen from the U.K. She is truly delightful. And proper. The Brit in me is ecstatic.
Cub Scout besties: Mrs. J, my crazy Australian friend (love her!) and Mr. D from the US. Every other Wednesday and once a month on Saturday, we suffer together. Heh.
Becky & Alan. VT and HT to our family. I love them.
SC, my beautiful friend who inspires people to do good works.
LL from NorCal and V from Italy, my peeps!
Kia from SoCal and Alison, a fellow Utahn. Love these ladies.
Alison again. Just because she makes me laugh! [Pu is in the background. Of course he and J are on this list, too.]

All of these people watch over and support me. I feel truly blessed to be here with them. They have made Shanghai worth it.

Now get your hiney out here! xoxo.

One thought on “For Amy, Mon Amie

  1. I am so glad you have so many new friendships to cherish. You look like you are having some great “happy moments.” I miss you. The semester is getting the best of me–but I only have 4 weeks left. So I am sprinting to the finish. Just after I take my nap.

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