Back to The Bund

Back to the Bund. I can’t believe we’ve lived in Shanghai for almost one year. Since then, we’ve only been to the Bund once. We remedied it last Saturday by taking our friends LL and her cute clan.
People, everywhere.
No walking space.
Like spawning salmon, headed upstream.
He kinda looked like my Grandfather, so I took a picture.
I just thought they looked cute.
Gotcha! LL and I snapped each other.

LL and clan.
It was bright and smoggy. We can’t see!

More pictures tomorrow of The Bund, architecture and food. I’m about to fall asleep from the advilPM. [Yes!] Come back tomorrow for more…

2 thoughts on “Back to The Bund

  1. What an interesting place . . . can’t wait for more pictures tomorrow. I love the picture of the circus, you and the hubs! Miss you guys! XOXOXO

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