Qi Pu Road

After a walk on The Bund, we ventured to Qi Pu Lu, a street full of non-brand clothing, where only locals shop.
Check out Tommy Welai and Polo Villae. All clothing is non-brand, and typically catered to Chinese style.
Buildings full of clothing shops.
Sea of people.
Inside one of the buildings.
Check out the do!
A blurry shot of women running to the 20RMB jeans. (That’s $3.12USD. Unfortunately, LL and I determined that we couldn’t squeeze a thigh into them. Good ol’ American girls. Heh.)

2 thoughts on “Qi Pu Road

  1. I loved looking at all the people in these pictures. A couple of my favorites include the girls in the first photo with mouthfuls of food, the guy doing a GQ pose, and I did appreciate the crazy do!

  2. I understand that the Shanghai powers to be are going to change “cheap street” to one of upscale shops and restaurants. The girl with the do ummmm I wonder how much hair is her’s and how much hair came off the rack?
    Great pictures CM

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