Prepping for Camp

I am prepping (emotionally, let me tell you, heh.) for tomorrow’s Cub Scout Camp. Wish me luck. I’ve been told it’s completely disorganized chaos, every single year. Who knew I’d be leading a den of mostly Asian boys in an American institution out here in Shanghai? Photos of “disorganized chaos” on Monday!

Canon EOS 60D

Photo taken by FF.

I have a new body… (and baby.) After his 10-day trip, the Hubs surprised me with a gift, a new camera body, which his exceptionally kind boss hauled over from the U.S. Yes. I am spoiled. No more excuses. Time to take a class…

Trick-or-Treating, Expat Style

It’s November 2nd and I’m still posting Halloween photos. Oh yes, I am one of those people… you know, the kind who leave Christmas decorations up until February. Just because they bring me good cheer. But, I digress…

So how does one “trick-or-treat” in Shanghai, with it’s high-rise apartments and big city dwelling? Fortunately, many of the exorbitantly overpriced expat communities are comprised of single homes, which average around 50,000RMB/$7900USD per month. These communities have been labeled as “bubbles,” but I find them beautiful and quite remarkable. Many of the homes have front and back yards, cul-de-sacs and even a sense of community. You feel as if you’ve stepped outside of China, back into America…for a small moment. A good friend invited us to her compound, which closed the gates at 5 pm. No cars were allowed through the avenues and children walked freely from house to house.
Walking by light of jack-o’-lantern.
In the pale mooonlight…

My peep SC and clan. Her house was the talk of Concordia the day after Halloween.
Star Wars music greeted us…
We finished the evening with a visit to our church friend, Tami, who had wanted to see the Circus’ costumes.

After a full weekend of sugar highs and crashes, mood swings, crying, fighting and fussiness, I put my foot down. The Circus was allowed to each keep ten pieces of candy. I paid them for the rest of the loot and am donating/tossing/trying not to eat it.

More Tricks & Treats

The church party was FUNtastic. Games, food, friends, what more can one ask for? Since my internet is loading unbearably slowly, I’ll post a few photos tonight and more tomorrow.
Monstrous buffet.
Jack Skellington cupcakes.
Baby C looks like she belongs to me! But, alas, not so. The red-headed man in the back is one of her adoptive parents.
PS’s buddy: Boy Wonder.
Pu got some time in with Chewie.
Miss M.
PS with her sugar.
The Kid, collecting more loot.
More tomorrow…