First Day of School

First day of school! First day of school!

Yesterday morning I felt like Nemo. Or Marlin. Or both, I suppose, as I held Miss M’s hand and skipped from the car to the elementary school door. The Kid trudged along behind us, embarrassed by his mother, who was skipping.

My mind wandered back to the nostalgic ritual of purchasing new school supplies. I remember the smells of new crayons, pencils and erasers, the squeak of new school shoes and the excitement of wearing new school clothes.

For the last two years, 2/3 of The Circus has worn uniforms and their school supplies have been provided by the school. The weeks before we returned to Shanghai, I was happily wandering down the school supply aisles of Target and Walmart, trolling for 25 cent boxes of crayons, stocking up on glue sticks and sharpies. I still have an office to supply…
Miss M & The Kid at Concordia International School.
Mrs. Muir and TK.
Miss M at her cubby.
Miss M and her teacher Miss Lane.Pinky Stinky back to Okiki, a Singaporean local school. Washing station.Nurse station (The Chinese schools check for hand, foot, mouth disease, lice and fevers before allowing the children to enter classrooms.)

Return to Routine

The children have returned to normal sleep schedules (Yes!) and our summer is now over. As I type this, I am making breakfast and preparing lunches for the first day of school. It’s still hotter than hell outside (81F at 6 am) and swampy with high humidity but I look forward to that walk from car to school doors as I accompany The Circus to class. Photos posted tomorrow.

Magical Numbers Revisited

1. 4. 3. 2:15…

As in: The Circus has gotten up the past week at 1 a.m., 4 a.m., 3 a.m. and this morning at 2:15.

A friend and I were messaging each other on Facebook yesterday. At 4 in the morning. She returned to Shanghai a week ago from the U.S. with her two boys and they are still readjusting to the fourteen-hour time difference.

We decided Jinqiao needs a good 24-hour venue, like IHOP. We could hold middle-of-the night playdates there, where sleep deprived moms could mindlessly stare at each other while our children entertained one another. And eat bacon and pancakes. Yum.

I’d write more or post a photo, but I’m falling asleep at my keyboard. At 6:10 p.m…. That’s okay, I need my beauty sleep, especially if I’m waking up tomorrow morning at 3.

For the Five

There are five people who read my blog religiously. Okay, maybe eight people. And, shockingly, they’re not all blood related to me. Since my little, er, writing hiatus, they’ve given me grief for being a slacker. So, time to get back to the electronic pen and paper.

If you’re one of the five (or eight), get ready for this Banana’s experiences in Shanghai… Year Two.