For the Five

There are five people who read my blog religiously. Okay, maybe eight people. And, shockingly, they’re not all blood related to me. Since my little, er, writing hiatus, they’ve given me grief for being a slacker. So, time to get back to the electronic pen and paper.

If you’re one of the five (or eight), get ready for this Banana’s experiences in Shanghai… Year Two.

8 thoughts on “For the Five

  1. Love to see you are back on cyber world. I’m sure you biggest fan – McLellan family will love to read this news. xoxo :)

  2. Well if missing you was construed to be giving you grief I’m sorry! I just missed your writing, Glad to see that you’re going to align the electrons and send missiles out once again.

    • Oh Richard, you only give me grief in small doses! Just kidding. You never give me grief; I’m merely being playful. Or sarcastic. ;)

  3. Glad to see you blogging again. I had stopped checking and didn’t want to bother you about your hiatus. Love you anyway!

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